There will be 2% (admin fee) + 5% (charges from payment gateway) deducted from the total fund raised. When project successfully complete, we will send you a cheque within one month.

"All-or-Nothing" project

An “All-or-Nothing” project is required to state its minimum funding goal and has to reach or exceed the minimum funding goal by its backing deadline; otherwise the Project Creator does not receive any of the fund raised. This means that any backing amount that is charged will be refunded to the Backer.

Since this is refunded in the same currency that is charged, if your credit card is denominated in a different currency, there might be exchange rate differences between the time of your charge and the time of your refund.

Project Ownership

Project Creators keep 100% ownership and intellectual property rights of their projects. Nothing that is done on U CAN has anything to do with shareholding or loans or any kind of profit-share or investment or financial return.

Can I continue to raise money even if a project reaches its funding goal before its backing deadline?

Yes, a project continues to accept backing through to the end of the funding campaign period.