Direction Association for the Handicapped wishes to promote positive energy to the society through U CAN project. Our members have gone through difficulties in life, and they can start over, rise again from the bottom of U, and live a meaningful life.

With this spirit, U CAN ambassadors can use their influence to empower others and promote U CAN spirit. We welcome you to be our ambassador, share your experience and walk with those in need.

U Can grand opening

路向四肢傷殘人仕協會希望透過 U CAN 計劃推動「珍惜生命、積極人生的真正意義」。每位路向會員都經歷過人生最大的逆境,他們都能跨過「U」低谷而重新出發,活出生命的真諦。

我們邀請您成為「U CAN 大使」,透過於不同界別的影響力,感染身邊的朋友及人仕推動 U CAN 精神,分享經驗及鼓勵身邊正面對困擾的朋友。

立即登記為《U CAN Buddy》為大家打打氣!

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